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123 HP DESKJET 3630 Installation & Setup

Are you seeking for help on installing your printer for the first time? Here are the simple steps to do!

123 HP Deskjet Setup 3630 & Install

Install & connect your printer with your PC to start printing your documents. You can even print these documents at anytime from anywhere you are. It’s Easy in one thumb click

123 HP DJ 3630 Wireless installation

Wireless connection is now available with your DeskJet 3630 printer. Set up your entire wireless setup now and start printing your documents from anywhere. Share them online, too. setup.

123 HP Setup 3630 Ink cartridge Installation

The Ink Cartridge is the essential part of your printer set - up. You must install your ink cartridge to start with the whole setup of your printer. You can save up to 50% on your ink cartridge as well. Use HP’s Instant ink cartridges to improve performance.

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123 HP DeskJET 3630 Printer setup

Printer Setting: The printer must first be connected to the computer using either of these cables: a parallel port cable, a SCSCI cable or a USB cable. The power plug must then be attached to a power outlet. The next step is to ensure that the printers have software and the drivers installed early to start the operation.

123 HP Deskjet 3630 Printer Install | set up


123 HP DJ 3630 Service

Visit 3630. All users must ensure that they receive all the required customer support services related to the printer under a single roof in order to use the respective customer service teams. Most companies, which are immaterial in any industry, have a 24x7 customer support system in place to serve the users effectively.

DeskJet 3630 Troubleshooting

The term configuration means the arrangement of a specific product's parts or components. In the case of computers, for example, it means the arrangement of different internal and external parts comprising hardware, devices and software. Troubleshooting is the process of identifying and rectifying the problems present in a computer, software, machines or other electronic products with a systematic approach.

123 HP DJ 3630 Printer setup


Step by step processes for setting up a HP Printer

To set up the 123 HP printer, the printer must be unboxed at the beginning

All packaging materials on the printer must be removed

The tapes on the access doors and trays of the printer should also be relieved

Once all these packaging materials have been removed from the printer, sufficient space must be provided for the printer to be placed to prevent any harm that may occur

The power plug required must be connected to the back of the printer.

The other printer corner also needs to be connected to the power source. Then switch the printer on

OOnce the ink cartridges have been installed, the user must try to install the printer software by their own.

To fix the printer software on your own device, the user must:

  • Driver Disk is needed to proceed with the installation on your computer.
  • Insert your disk into your personal computer and read the instructions on your monitor screen.
  • Finally, the user must test whether the printing activity is carried out smoothly at the time of using their printer software.

HP DESKJET 3630 Printer wireless settings

Follow the below instructions for setting up and installing a 123 HP printer using a wireless network route and running on the Windows OS platform are as follows:

Firstly, things like the network (usually the SSD network), the WPA / WHP key (security password), a computer with wireless network connectivity and a broad Internet connectivity must be maintained by the user. Secondly, the user should have the computer, router and printer kept in switch-on mode and the compatibility of the computer and printer on a similar wireless network should be checked.

Next, the user must remove the USB cable or Ethernet attached to the HP printer, and the user must download and install the software after switching to the printer.

The user then has to move to the download page of the HP driver

The user should select the required printer model and follow the operating instructions shown on the screen to download the driver.

The full function driver can be downloaded by clicking on the download button as a suggestive measure for the user. There are number of driver options, you can also use the basic driver button.

In the end, the user can check if the printer is running correctly after connecting to the wireless network route.

Directions for a HP printer running on the route Auto Wireless

  • Initially, a user has to do is click on the yes option on the screen, select the access option for my router and click next
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the software installation process
  • Once the printer network connection screen appears, the next action to be taken will include:
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and choose either of the two options:

    After the stated things, once the printer network connection screen pops up the next course of actions to be undertaken includes:

    • HP Printer users must select the option Not Connected " Wireless Off and then click next if they do not know the IP address of the printer.
    • If you know the printer's IP address, you must select the Connect option and enter the IP address. Afterwards, click the next button.

DESKJET 3630 Printer Windows 10 update:

Users of 123 HP printers can use various types of 10 windows drivers.

First, the download option on the website must be clicked by the user to obtain a compatible software and printer. If the user is offered the installation CD next to their printer, they must definitely check whether the CD is working with their printer in a coordinated manner.

How to connect the DESKJET printer wirelessly?

Steps to wirelessly install your printer:

The following steps should be taken to ensure that the printer is properly connected to a wireless network, such as:

  • Users must have their respective network name or SSID alongside the password before installing their printer if their network is secured. If you have any doubts about locating these things and need assistance, you need to scroll down to track your SSID and password.
  • In such a case, the printer must be kept next to the PC, notwithstanding that the latter is also part of the user network. This arrangement will allow the user to connect the printer to the software via a USB cable.

How to install your DJ 3630 Printer?

Users of a HP Deskjet 3630 printer can connect their computer to a USB cable if they want a wired network connection (or) if they want to connect to a wireless network in order to connect their printer, they need a 802.1 tb / g / n wireless network with a wireless router or access point.

    Steps to install ink cartridges to Deskjet 3630:

  • Switch the power button to start the printer
  • Open the output tray.
  • Followed by that, paper extension tray needs to be opened.
  • Then, input paper tray has to be opened.
  • Feed some paper on printer feeder
  • The paper guide must be inserted inside until it is guaranteed that it is flushed against the edge of the paper
  • The access cover of the cartridge must be opened and you can see the cartridge moving to the center of the printer.
  • A new cartridge packet can then be opened
  • Then pull out the plastic protective tab on the printer nozzle
  • Finally, it is very important that the user be careful not to touch the electrical points of contact or the nozzle.

123 HP DESKJET 3630 Troubleshooting:

Let us study the step - by - step problem - solving work done by the 123 HP Printer for the various problems faced by the respective user of the printer.

Print alignment failure

The user's initial task is to confirm that some unused white paper pages have been left out of the paper tray because this prevents the print head alignment.

The print head must be thoroughly cleaned before setting the printer to print the alignment page if the user cannot solve the problem, the technical team of HP can be contacted to solve the problem.

Printed copies as dull appearance

If the user gets a blank or dull image of the printed copies, the contrast settings in the printer must be examined. Then the touch copy button on the home screen must be selected and the settings tab must be clicked. The user must select the light / dark tab in the settings menu to make changes according to the requirement.

It can also happen at times when the user gets a bleak image of the printed copy if the quality setting is quickly set. The user is hereby encouraged to keep the setting in normal or ideal mode only.

Poor print quality

To solve this problem, the user must start to ensure that the lid of the scanner is closed. The scanner lid next to the automatic document feed (ADF) must be completely cleaned to increase some improvement in the quality of the print.

The next thing a user needs to do is to note that the automatic document feeder contains no excessive paper copies. The width ranges must be set based on the paper size.

Finally, the settings available for photographs or text improvements must be changed in order to create an improved display of quality.

123hpprintersetup and support Troubleshooting Printer Issues:

Problem 1 - Power indicator is not working

Troubleshooting process: first, check if the printer is mode-on. Once the printer is in the position of power, it automatically indicates a light to indicate that it has power.

If an indicator light is not available, the user must ensure that the printer is connected to a functioning electrical plug-point by checking both ends of the power cable. After that, the user must switch on the power button of the printer.

If the printer is still unable to display a power indicating light after the stated steps, then the user must understand that there is a big problem in his printer. It is best recommended to the user that the best thing to do in these circumstances is to call up their printer manufacturer to either repair or purchase a new printer.

Problem 2 - Improperly connected cables

Troubleshooting procedure: Two cables, such as the data cable and the power cable, are usually connected to the printer. The user must confirm if the power and data cables (USB cable or parallel cable) are connected to both the printer and the computer correctly.

Problem 3 - Printer error light indications after setup

After the initial start - up procedure of the printer setting on the computer, the user will witness a thick colored light. If the orange color light blinks, it indicates that there is some printer error in the toner or ink cartridge, such as a paper jam or a problem.

Approach to troubleshoot: No specific standards are set for all printers. Users are therefore asked to visit the manufacturer's website or study the printer manual to obtain full knowledge of a particular error, blink or orange light appearing on the indicator.

Problem 4 - Paper jamming issue

Troubleshooting exercise: the user cannot print without having a paper / paper stack inside the paper cartridge or tray of the printer. This basic element must be followed by the user. Then they have to check that the printer paper is properly fed into the printer and that none of the printer paper / s stays stuck in an unpleasant place.

Problem 5 - Inkjet printer ink problem

Users may also encounter ink-based problems on their printer, in which case the printer status indicator light will flash, as stated above.

Troubleshooting process: If the user has just filled out a new ink cartridge and the printer still does not work, it is advisable to replace the ink cartridge with a new one.


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